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Not take sin per
1-05-2015, 13:26 Read more
not observe silence for rudeness
23-04-2015, 12:32 Read more
Even passenger route, money, people, trolley, travel, driving, retirees, behave right, a woman go, you can work, respect, conductors, trolley, None, somewhere
17-04-2015, 15:55 Read more
new tariffs
9-04-2015, 12:06 Read more
In the hearts of the children have planted love of country
28-03-2015, 11:06 Read more
Must support one another rather than pulling seven skins from near
16-03-2015, 17:37 Read more
The east killed our boys from Russian bullets, and shuttles Russian pop sounds
6-03-2015, 10:24 Read more
About shopping during the flight course
25-02-2015, 16:13 Read more
Without notes Commissariat of doctors do not examine patients
17-02-2015, 13:58 Read more
They deeply cared for solving social problems
16-02-2015, 17:42 Read more
Not all concerned about what is happening in the East
13-02-2015, 16:26 Read more
Who is responsible for garbage thrown city?
9-02-2015, 17:46 Read more
The absence of culture on our roads
2-02-2015, 11:02 Read more
Register for filing can now be up to the end of spring
21-01-2015, 19:35 Read more
Officials decided to take up the mobile caf on wheels
15-01-2015, 10:59 Read more
In your yard can offer advice and no mayor or deputy
12-01-2015, 16:45 Read more
Police this has nothing
2-01-2015, 17:23 Read more
Coming to the last days of 2014
26-12-2014, 15:38 Read more
Last week I had to work in the city-hero Odessa.
15-12-2014, 12:20 Read more
For our country, year " Euromaidan " was very rich in events
21-11-2014, 16:19 Read more
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