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All concerned zburyla tortured history of Lutsk students kitten. Recall, last week, settlers from the East who study in Lutsk, posted on the Internet (thanks to them for that, otherwise we do not know to this) " education " kitten, it was kept in the freezer " fried " in the oven, " washed " in the machine. End just thrown out the window rises. And with fun and jokes.

found a kitten activists, tried to save him and two days later a little helpless zhivotinku still died.
Brutal girl after publication history dared to apologize and write a statement about its expulsion from the college. A guy shkuroder even surprised: " Why such a fuss? It was fun " .

I feel sorry for them, insignificant people who are not given to know what is true, unselfish love.

In ptashynno-animal market on the streets of Chernivtsi Green regularly hand out a lot of love. Different gray, black, striped fabric, colorful puhnastykiv. And all for free. Surely if in good hands.

" Take a good, kind, gentle cat. If you want a girl or a boy or take all " - people handing out small animals for free. Keep them in spacious cages to somewhere not run, there is lined softly, in order not cold, toys, lace hanging not to miss.

Themselves tailed groomed, neat - shows that home care.

My son Andrew one tiny gray miracle kitten that was sitting astride his " house " described simply and clearly - " This is the king of the world " .

Some distributes free animals in different parts of the city. They say that more effectively mean animals apart quickly.
However, the market and a lot of expensive puhnastykiv offer. York, lapdogs, abuse, terriers, sphinxes, Persians - for every taste 3-5 thousand. However, regardless of the price you pay - two symbolic hryvnia for purebred kitten or $ 2000 for a puppy with a passport and pedigree - an animal at home - is incorruptible joy and gladness.

As the owner of fluffy " Queen " probably will bring a sense all adherents of animals - they are equal members of the family, the animals give those emotions, which is nowhere and no one else will not provide.

Take the animal lonely in the market or just outside. Soon winter, warm, feed, save her life.
She will give you love. Sincere and selfless ...

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29-09-2016, 16:42

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