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Just note have nothing against controllers. On the contrary, I respect the job, like any other.

I understand that, as in various professions, there is considerable influence human factor. And a very close relationship with customers, subscribers, increased risk controllers do not maintain the same " The human factor " . Because of this, and also probably due to excessive tariff strain our readers regularly complain controllers.

Therefore, in order to reduce this tension between consumers and controllers, which directs all people's negative because of high tariffs and those " who it invented " willingly share our with neighbors experience.

All municipal institutions require regular reports and cubes kilowatts used. First, in order to know the consumption, and secondly, for the control of consumption. By the way, you not only institutions that provide services but also useful to us - the consumers.

Therefore, as of the first of the month, you should remove all indicators consumed volumes of gas, water and light - he uses. Can you account for objectivity compare them with previous rates or even last month - last year.

So, write down on paper and the latest figures ... cleave it at the gate or the gate or on the front door at eye level - where it sees the controller before you knock.

Believe paper of gas consumption of water, gas, light will save you the need to personally meet each controller.

On the other hand, the controller such work - to get performance and monitor your consumption volumes. Therefore, it also forced each time you go, even if he did not really want. After all, meeting with controllers inevitable. If you run regularly reporting on their own SMS-kami, e-mail or phone service provider has to monitor current consumption. But they (the meeting) will be unobtrusive and maybe even more enjoyable.

We are neighbors for a long time hung on the door leaves with displays of counters as of the first day of each month. So the meeting with the controllers have a rather peaceful. Employees institutions accordingly we pass " salutations " when the numbers appeared at kotroyis check mark or other mark, so come and controller displays " his " counter received.

And disputes over invoices payments significantly reduced. And controllers hopefully easier to do the job because they have to walk in the evenings and on weekends, because in many cases people work on weekdays anyone at home did not catch.

And this method of distance communication, I hope makes it possible to avoid situations where " annoying controllers jump the closed gate hrymayut to shut windows and doors " to cherished shows. A similar complaint written to the editor " MB " One of the readers. If interested employees of the gas office, they can read the complaint online in section " news readers " . And find out what's the truth and more - emotions.

As said Kostenko great people, be mutually beautiful ...
This - simple.
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25-08-2016, 11:55

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