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Chernovchane have an incredible sense of humor, joke around a lot of reasons. Take the Chernivtsi transportation. This topic is regularly testing the strength of our ability to laugh at the quality, cost, service, salon politeness and respect.

For example, in Chernivtsi day can be considered useless if you do not stand for half an hour at the stop public transport. When the bus come Chernivtsi take them by storm, because together fun. It turns out the bus crumpled and almost trampled, but happy for neighbor pom'yaly more. It does not matter that the passengers argue beneficiaries complain and nervous drivers. All this because of Chernivtsi pointed wit. Aptly issues in transportation in Chernivtsi fit and cigarettes while driving, annoying mobile phone while driving, always annoying beneficiaries. In short, full of fun shops.

Not that in the next Ternopil, which regularly happens. There's a transportation plan - solid boredom. Minibuses go so often that even uninteresting. Do not have time to figure out which bus to sit in as the next batch arrives busiv. That's right - in Ternopil get two or three taxis at a time - so instantly rozsortovuyutsya passengers at bus stops almost no people. Moreover, as soon as the door opened, you need to go quickly, because the bus gets under way already. A few minutes taxi in Ternopil overcome considerable distance.

In Chernivtsi same passengers are able to stand long sit-in at the bus stops, explore landscapes that have not noticed before, until the whole interior is filled with people.

A Ternopil beneficiaries well off "brazen " - they do not argue with the drivers. Seniors come in bus and asked: " Is it possible to go on the certificate? " If the driver is responsible " or " , politely and silently (!) Out of the car and no one even curse. There is a bus every ad, which says that both have the right to go to three beneficiaries at the expense of personal funds carrier. And somehow all is clear.

The price of passage - a private joke from our carriers. Nasmishyly to tears when equated fare in Kyiv and Chernivtsi. A list of recipients, for example, in Ivano-Frankivsk, compared to ours, off " wrong " . There, students do not pay the fare, and we can blow up the baby in the middle because he did not have a penny.

Clearly, our carriers are on track to invent fables and Chernivtsi " arguments " for the authorities. For even wondered what actually is in Ternopil travel in the bus is three hryvnia, and not four, as they zpevnyayut. Moreover, last year I paid in Ternopil 2.5 hryvnia for travel by bus. Recently there have raised the price of travel to only three hryvnia.

I note this with unprecedented service and for us " mad " as to Chernivtsi, schedules!
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22-03-2016, 14:30

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