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Following the start-shnoyi testing campaign this year and remember the emotions and experiences of pre-accession daughter last year.
I want to share their experience abituriyentky-graduate training. Perhaps for current parents of graduates it will be some cribs. Deliberately not torkatymusya graduation and school outcomes - attestation concerns. This topic is - a reason for a particular material - with a calculator. Only note that some " teachers " learned well to earn a graduate, medals and prom.

Last year at this time to find " free " tutor was almost impossible. Did someone deliberately spreads such rumors, or indeed in Chernivtsi few good teachers of the most popular subjects: Ukrainian language and literature, history, biology, foreign languages.

Last year we were in a piquant situation. On the recommendation of a teacher of biology signed one of the city's universities. Thought this was just an expert to know what to teach for testing. Biology - core subjects for our future profession, so it was extremely important for us. Payment for one session was considerable - 150 UAH. A month spent 4-6 classes (weekend and a half or two sessions without a break), the money is 600-900 UAH. As hryvnia had to look-borrow-reborrow - correctly miss. But I was convinced that " worth it " , since we are talking about the future of the child.

A little vidvolichusya rhetorical remark: why graduates are forced to look for teachers with subjects that are taught many years? Because EIT - a summary curriculum and test students' knowledge, which would have to give teachers - it is their job !!

For many reasons we hired only one tutor. First, because of the overly expensive services. Secondly, I was lucky with my daughter. She read a lot since childhood, love of books is still preserved. Plus it also fortunate to have a wonderful school teacher of the Ukrainian language, rather teacher. This teacher, a professional with a capital letter, so a tutor from the native language, we almost did not need to. Note that teachers who truly love their subject - a lot. Take off his hat to them. And they are more exotic in schools, for those who would sow reasonable and eternal, is more like businessmen.

senior pupils say that some teachers (these were in our school) lessons are not much involved (especially in the senior class). Estimates put mostly on reports and vases. However, emphasize that they can apply for the preparation for testing. Perhaps this is where the hidden answer to my rhetorical " Why? "

Thus, juicy on the circumstances. In quite significant amounts of payment midst of teaching biology tutor said that raises the price to 200 USD. As for me - a very disorderly with her. Therefore, not very effective for us learning - a university lecturer nachytuvala lectures - we refused the services of the tutor.

... I almost started to panic: where we have six weeks to look for another test?

Fortunately, the world is not without good people. We managed to find excellent repeater biology. This is a teacher in an ordinary secondary school. By critically short time she gave lengthy clear, it is necessary for testing materials from different fields of biology. It is this teacher we owe for high scores from the external evaluation, which paved the way for studies at the university budget in Kiev!

Currently, daughter successfully studying at universities in the capital's narrow specialist. Very pleased with the fact that she entered the budget (it is really really), there is no bribes (as possible - in the next article), read articles demanding teachers - experts / fans of the business. A material that has received from a teacher in biology, daughter enjoys learning now.

Therefore, the issue of coaches postulate " money " is not determinative. More important still is the professionalism and common human decency.

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23-01-2016, 13:38

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