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Festival "Carpathian range" in Sheshory want something called "avatars Congress." After all, along with concerts, dances, fairs unique people here share unique insights and experiences. There have festival last week in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The organizers under the banner of salvation Carpathian forests have collected anywhere people willing to save the greatest threats of our time. Tanya Chuchko V.Rozum and save the earth - they are taught how to grow food, making a minimum effort and cost. Vasily Boiko of Ternopil told how in his biodynamic ahrohospodarstvi not something that does not use chemicals - where a record harvest is collected through the coordination of work with the rhythms of the sun and moon, and cows in stalls fundamentally tied.
Maxim Babayev saves natural resources teach how to use the sun to heat water or dry fruits.

Maria Paholok which, incidentally, has organized all this action, saving from diseases with herbs and other natural products.
Maria Chumarna makes our tradition: Self semybarvni embroidered shirts forefathers, not black-and-red "color of hell" dotted with flowers or neglect and sorrow - poppies.

Vasyl Kozak, Ukrainian developer yoga exercises, rescues health, especially hunched desks for students.
Alex Ursulenko from Kherson pischov even further: he founded a whole eco-village "Rainbow" and opened Ecoproduct production - and the perfect place for a life, and giving people jobs.

listen to all these "gurus" also got unique people. Met an activist from the village Prutivka who saves his village from garbage, alcohol, etc. - even "funeral vodka" made (wrought better than any anti-alcohol campaign). But headmaster in full Sheparivtsi harchuvannyata and wellness exercises introduced for all students ...

In short, people do not just zadumuyutsya how to live in harmony with the world and take care of future generations, and indeed to anything that they do.

Some of their experiences from the past know-how in horticulture for better recipe for sourdough bread can read in the newspaper "A good counselor" (index catalog editions Ukraine 86,472). A scenic festival in Sheshory promised to make an annual event. It is some 90 km from Chernivtsi, falls, fires and lasso the sky under the stars around a huge fire at closing.
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