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For more than half a year Chernivtsi urban culture has " Chief " , but somehow alive. So the conclusion is and, perhaps, in the field of cultural life - a chair is simply unnecessary.

In one of his articles, I had to give an example, in the Austrian capital Vienna in the City Department of Culture no power, but the city is considered one of the cultural capitals of the world. There are dozens of museums, exhibition halls, theaters, galleries, and create that culture medium, because there are great professionals who do not require Neutral senior management.

In our cultural institutions are also great professionals, as able to hold a large number of various artistic events without adequate material resources, technical means and appropriate funding.

But how it will be without the proper officials - surprised our managers and deputies? It should also be someone ( " scapegoat " ), which can quarrel for the shortcomings in the industry. And if we always declare their rapprochement with Europe, let us not in words but in deeds to prove that are able to live as Europeans. Instead, to keep " big head " , it is better to increase funding for real art projects. For each institution has its annual program of activities, social organizations and national societies offer their activities, and district finances that is able to. So quite a few coordinators at the relevant committee of the City Council, which would accumulate proposals and preparing decisions on the session.
For example, which received excellent reviews the recent Day of street music. Such actions would have to be much more, because we are positioning ourselves as a developed tourist city.

Therefore, the promotion of the city can not provide " bureaucrats " in offices, namely those creative people and create cultural values - actors, musicians, artists, masters of folk art, participants of amateur and others. Does anyone remember something truly of high culture, organized by our management? But we can feel proud of stocks and festivals organized by the Romanian national societies Festival " The renewal " - the young Greek-Catholic Polish competition hit 60-80 years - the company the Adam Mickiewicz, poetic show " Meridian Chernovitts " and others that are simply not remembered.

Therefore, the presence of high culture in determined not post Head of Culture.
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14-07-2016, 12:44

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