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" somersaults " - is a circus term referring jumping acrobats. It seems that Ukrainian politicians are increasingly uses in its work the various circus tricks, jumps, flips, clowning, taming, balancing act. So we have months fed chewing gum that is worthy Prime Minister's resignation, then both together form the new coalition did deserve Grandmasters chess castling. If you look in the not so distant history already, we can remember that we have already ruled Kiev, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk. It is likely that soon " capital " transfer to the winery.

And all of us primarily interested in whether effective prior to the new government? Who was the last year in Vinnitsa, could not help but notice some positive changes. And to succeed this small local success extended to the entire country - the big question ... is the principle of personal loyalty able to lead to reform society and break the decades posed a bureaucratic machine? This is a very big question. We all want economic recovery and the creation of modern jobs with decent wages. Then there will be problems with filling the Pension Fund would not need subsidies to pay two thirds of the population of Ukraine. Youth finds a use in their own country, rather than seek better fortune abroad.

It seems that we have such strength in parliament ... But the mouth of their leaders, we constantly hear the slogans and appeals it is desirable to improve people's lives. For this three pro-European faction even created a new opposition force shall, in their opinion, oligarchic power. The flag in their hands, but we have other than words, and like matters. Indeed, for more than four months, these political forces in power in the region. So there is a good opportunity to make it a testing ground for their best plans and intentions. What prevents develop local programs to local investment in the region, the creation of new modern enterprises, innovative projects.

The paradox of our politicians is that they feel very well in opposition, but not very comfortable when trying to bear the burden of responsibility for power.

coming weeks and months will show whether the country will go to the expected changes, whether already in the autumn we will expect further radicalization of people and new streets.
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25-04-2016, 14:17

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