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The current situation clearly shows that the system has not dismantled the Soviet period councils entered the deep contradictions of the new system of economic and political relations. In Soviet times the council were conceived as organs of imitation democracy. The deputies were elected unopposed for statistics and represented different social strata. So many intellectuals, workers, young people, the percentage of women required - everything was determined in advance of the party district committee. There also prepared all the decisions, and the deputies were not only too often in session to vote unanimously for them. Now the council reminded the closed joint-stock companies, where MPs represent not the interests of the community, and public relations themselves, their parties and decide individual cases. Although essentially municipality has engaged the city's development strategy, that is, during the Athenian Charter in 1934 to solve four main functions - to care for jobs, to ensure that housing, to provide city utilities (transport, communications, engineering networks) and to create conditions for proper rest and healthy living conditions.

Why is it not happening? The reasons are many. Low overall political culture of the population, imperfect electoral legislation, lack of experience multi coexistence leads to the fact that the parties did not develop specific programs to improve the provision of a wide range of public services, their citizens for the period of his term, and dealing with cheap populism in politics, political intrigues, attempts head budgetary flows, knock preferences for their business and lobbying those businesses that brought them to power.

Is there any way out of this situation? Of course there are. We need to move faster models of government that exist in the civilized world. We are fighting for the appointment of members of the Executive Committee, and in developed countries there is no such authority, or the incredible number of deputy mayor. It's purely Soviet system. The world knows of utility departments bloated departments of education, culture and health. When is a popular word decentralization so often used, it must first capture and deregulation and decentralization in city management. What is the relationship of power and community? This full provision to the city services they need. The smaller the various add-ons and extra structures - so these services are faster, better and cheaper.

Let us consider two such examples. Is the Department of Education provides the service of teaching children? No. So maybe instead of hundreds of officials to pay higher wages better teachers. Directors of schools, association of teachers of subjects, parents' committees in schools, public school board of experts and the Permanent Commission of the City Council are able to solve all the current problems.

Is it not a vestige of that person on their own private land and in a private home requested to completion bathroom. Why the City Council assumes the right to restrict the constitutional rights of citizens to improve their living conditions? Is it not enough to replace the licensing system for registration. Man brings performed by a licensed person or project documentation, and appropriate structure only registers and monitors the changes in compliance with state building codes and regulations. Such examples can lead set.

How well do to the elections to the quality of the elections of deputies improved?

We need to provide variability forms of local government. Every community has the right to independently choose their organizational forms of local government. It contains a variety of size, population, traditions, so it is not reasonable to reduce to a common denominator. Personally, I consider it expedient to choose not just the council, and voting members of the standing committees. For example, the city has nine committees: on budget issues, education, health and so on. Each committee of five persons. Therefore the party put forward not just good guys and specialists in a particular area. People are choosing those who will offer the best program in this direction. Also, each committee should be two or three specialists who help prepare deputies qualified decision. Also quite interesting can be a form of representative duties. Divide the city into 40-45 districts where there are BSP. So practically, choosing the head of the association, voters elect a representative in the council. This man represents a specific neighborhood and is responsible for the situation in it. It should also receive little money for the implementation of social activity.
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11-02-2016, 10:29

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