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A bit of service in Chernivtsi. One wrote an article about tourism in Chernivtsi. I went to one of the cafes on the street Kobylianska in order to communicate with the manager and waitresses how often they go to the tourists and from which countries.
One of the waitresses started to tell me that foreigners are very different from our visitors. They are brought up, grateful for every trifle. And do not pluck, if the table is a plate " ordered " , never him not sit down. Not that our supposedly they even brought a plate meter, they still sit where they want. And foreigners do not put unnecessary questions that annoy waiters, like " And you have pizza? " (while at the entrance says " Pizza " ).

- For all the years I have not had any conflict with foreigners - said the waitress. - But always there with our ...
And she had no time to finish it as the room went to the young man. A short, thin, bag thrown over his shoulder. The waitress took it by the sales agent. So decided him not to stand on ceremony. She asked him very specific (literally pass, preserving dialect): " Cho prypersya? Where bottle? "

The boy became like ukopanyy offended and said: " And what is wrong with me, you say? What bottle? I can come eat pizza ... but do not want to ... " - and went to the door. " Wait, wait, I'm joking, I thought you our new salesman! " - waitress cried. And the visitor disappeared behind the door. Perhaps for this institution forever.

Most of the case oburyt. Yet suggest to look at the situation more deeply. It is no secret that we have a lack of staff? That find a professional waiter in including and very difficult? Check out the ads from employers - Vacancy for the position is not the most. And no one especially not torn. Moreover, few people want to work is physically. Most dream of a job in an office with air conditioning. It turns out that for many this work - a temporary part-time jobs for several months.

I am not advocating waitress. Simply drive up to the fact that in order to have decent service, it is firstly necessary to adequately pay waiters, secondly, to teach people how to work with clients, and thirdly, and this is concerning visitors, treat them with respect . For unto us those things " thanks " is worth nothing, and the waitress remembered and still remembers with a smile of foreigners it all - glass, water, fork, plate, - said " senk'yu " ...

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18-08-2016, 17:08

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