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Recently tank Lieutenant Pavel Nikitin in Chernivtsi became the object of controversy. As for what to do with it, there were several petitions. In particular, in order to dismantle it as " The symbol of Soviet totalitarian system " , turn on object art competitions. Also expressed the opinion that the tank be handed over to the museum of military history of the region, and in its place a monument " Ruth Red " .

Another suggestion, is chief of the regional department of culture - transfer tank Dovzhenko Film Studio. One of the petitions generally very extravagant - in place of the tank dirigible lead a monument in honor of the group " Led Zeppelin " .
Meanwhile, veteran organizations spoke strongly against, saying that symbolize the dismantling of disrespect to veterans. And City Hall is in no hurry to decide the fate of the tank, pointing out that he - a monument of history and the question now is not the time. Someone even wrote wit tank " In Moscow !!! "

I first watched these discussions with some degree of indifference. Well, there is a tank, then let them stand. Remove, dismantle it ...

The other day we went on a four-year son Gagarin street. " Tank! " - enthusiastically exclaimed small saw this symbol of war. He still saw him, but passing, and then we went on foot. Although the street was terrible heat, we stuck around for twenty minutes the tank. Questions and fell " And the real tank or toy? But does it work? What works? He shoots? And you can climb on it? A tank worked when my grandmother was a little, right? "

I do not have time to answer all questions for children and small and strove to get there. Although, of course, it is not possible. In short, this child is very interested in military transport. And then I thought: let it be there was a tank. Here, for instance, dismantle it, and who knows where the set. And here he is in sight, everyone can see it and tell the children that it is. While children would tank should leave in place. The only thing that could be done - the kids organize excursions to the tank. With the opportunity to touch it and climb inside. Many of them, such mini-tour leave would be an unforgettable experience ...
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1-07-2016, 11:12

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