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A crowd of pensioners can be seen in several places at the polling stations during voting, preferential transport and banks at the end of the month when you pay utilities.

We must pay tribute to the older people, they are very disciplined. We must go to vote - means necessary. And pay for utilities - this is sacred. It has no concept - " I - I can not " . We must come to the bank and pay.

How many watching a bank of pensioners. Barely talking, leaning on a stick. Bad hearing, difficulty seeing. With trembling hands pulls a worn wallet penny for penny ... bank worker is protected from visitors bulletproof glass. Devices installed at the counters open, to better hear each other, do not work. Here nedochuvayut young people, not just older. As a result, older adults several times asks, banker irritated, angry and turn and grumbles. Although what these people are guilty ... Only because it seems that they do not provide favorable conditions for payment. Chairs in banks - a maximum of five people and many, very long queue. And I want to sit down ...

How old carefully calculate all! In their public pidkleyeni book of all receipts, all neatly written - how much for what. If the clerk calls some other amount than beyond their calculations - intelligent, apologetic, is given, or is properly counted. How happy when finally the payment procedure successfully completed!

I am so glad that already paid for March! Now I have a month of rest - smiling, says to herself some grandmother.

Often there are pensioners with humor. I heard how one grandfather was right in the figure and said the cashier: " Sorry, ladies, grandfather thoughts somewhere far offshore " .

But there are also aggressive. Such talk also supported, but with a curse: " But even if they have lost all of their offshore! "
striking appearance of older people. Most of them dress modestly, though, and very neat. Chistenkoe coat on the head - kerchief or cap, comfortable shoes ...

In the life of their youth was no ATMs, plastic kartochok. And the banks no pay for utilities ... There was not much more: mobile phones, computers ... as them elderly, is so difficult to navigate the digital world.

So they dressed for their trip to the bank holiday coat. So so happy that we were able to pay for komuslugi themselves, without the help of daughters and sons. Therefore joke on policy and cursing the government. To feel that they also need this world and can afford it to understand ...
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18-04-2016, 12:47

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