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Recently, part of the Main Street in the center of almost four hours remained without electricity. Repairing network Ruska street, it seems. But I do not know. And about how we are all dependent on light. No electricity - and the work is. Wherever potkneshsya - nothing works, convinced from experience.

For example, a dental office. Turn to him - the whole corridor. Someone frowns pain and kept for a tooth, someone calculates how much it would cost new seal. But the doctor comes and solemnly said: " It is not yet accepted, no light " . A crowd of disappointed sighs and together divergent.

Many stores are closed. Some hung a sign: " No light " . Without electricity not working cash registers and sellers without them - no way.

In another shop a few lights shone - so that was not dark. I was surprised - really there is light? " No, we have solar-powered - said the seller. - It's expensive, but what " .

In pharmacies posuvayutsya turn very slowly. Pharmacists are deprived of their faithful assistants - cash registers - compare all prices should independently calculate the change. From this mood deteriorates and employees, and visitors pharmacies.

Standing work in banks, beauty salons, offices. Without electricity is nowhere. This again emphasizes that it should be protected. So begins at least from that day Turns out light bulb in his doorway. To our children were also with light ...

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25-02-2016, 11:10

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