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I'm going to rush to work. Given the fact that rarely use public transport, ride every opportunity - the whole story.
As I was waiting for today - grumbling, quarrels, unhappy looks? Ready even hear groans or cries for someone to someone accidentally stepped on the foot or head touched the bag.

Therefore, the first task - run to the bus. If you will stand near the door, or even the first, it may stretch to the cabin. It's nice that so Chernivtsi " support " each other. No queues for landing you in a minibus as it is in other cities.

The task of the second - to pay for travel. Money should be prepared in advance. For if we begin to romp in the wallet and the state at the driver, in order to be honest pay, and only then find a secluded place to ride, it will pay for all travel colleagues already vmostylysya on comfortable seats. " Give, give money " - can be heard everywhere.

The task of the third - to stand quietly, politely holding the railing. It is advisable not to run, because you can get on the nose (someone had to get the phone out of his pocket, and my nose is prevented to do so in the crammed cabin). Sometimes you can hear and forgiveness. But no easier.

The task of the fourth - look in the window and heard nothing. Otherwise, you can become the epicenter of a conflict - not donated money to someone stepped on foot or even why go if the bus is crammed, and someone need?

enne task - to keep the peace. Ahead is the day. Why spoil the mood in the morning?

And from disgruntled grunts still can not escape.

The passengers complain hamlyvyh drivers, the drivers - the uncultured, ill-bred passengers. Seniors - for students who do not yield to a senior spot, and students - for grandmothers who always dissatisfied with something and the case is only in the rush hour.

- People are different, it is difficult to say that all bad or somewhere nice - the bus driver Chernivtsi 11 Michael Gresko. - But the fact that some passengers are largely right, it is. The most striking when the cabin comes to a pregnant woman. Often it goes standing, because it simply does not want to see. Easier to wear headphones, listening to music and pretend that nothing you see, rather than give way to a woman in need.

This is the greatest disgrace to us all. After all this, I want to say only one thing: " Chernivtsi, zalyshaymosya people in public transport " .
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1-04-2016, 12:17

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