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University, pedestrian street, a park with a large lake, the hotel with photos ... Kirkorov Visitors Chernivtsi remember with a smile. They are asking why so expensive taxi ride and so cheap rooms at " stars " .

According vegetable-egg breakfast at one of the trainings communicate with a colleague from the Taras Zhitomir. He knows little about Chernivtsi, I've been here only once. Most impressed by the university.

" your university - that really fascinating - says Taras. - City tour conducted my friend. The building - special. The yard also well maintained, but what I saw in the yard, upset. In my opinion, we should pay more attention to such beauty purity, refine the territory. For example, the Zhytomyr agroecological university groomed much better " .
colleague from Chernigov Nastia still surprised kindness and hospitality of Chernivtsi. Although visited the city several years ago " My friends and I traveled the country, stopped in Chernivtsi. From the guide service refused and decided to see the city alone. On a street met a girl who volunteered to spend our tour. As she talked about the exciting city! As a result, we spent the whole day. On offer to pay for the trip, flatly refused the money. It really surprised me. For people in Chernihiv quite different " .

travel in Chernivtsi was a newspaper editor Julia Kyiv region. Julia says he knows little about Chernivtsi. Remembers only pedestrian street, and another park where there is a large lake.

" The most I remember a hotel where my husband and I stopped for the night - says Julia. - Watch in the corridor and pictures of celebrities who are well settled, and Kirkorov and Ukrainian singers ... I say man, " Come here for sderut of us three skins " . He did not listen me, because it was too late to find another hotel and we have no power. When found the price were pleasantly surprised. Most cities had to pay more " .

- Oh, Chernivtsi ... This is a small town with very friendly people - Yuriy exciting taxi driver recalls of Kyiv, with whom walk to the bus station. - Yes, you were passing through last year. Surprised me then the cost of a taxi. Sometimes more, as in Kiev, especially when congestion. Stopped at a hotel for the night. I was very well received. And the hotel manager for one of the phrases that did not catch, asked again " I ask? " . I then did not understand immediately what " requests " (smiles - auth.). It's nice that somewhere there are such friendly and good people.
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