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Perhaps we have become accustomed to the fact that streets, squares, parks clogged. But those who come to us for the first time, it immediately catches the eye.

The other day I was visiting classmate who lives in Ternopil.

" So many good hear about your city, it looks like Paris and Vienna. So always wanted to come here " - Oru admitted.

It was really impressed by the university, Drama, our temples, street Olga Kobylianska.

" The architecture is wonderful, but you have a lot of garbage. In Ternopil much cleaner - assured. - And not because there is better cleaned, but just less litter. Here we are with you walking in the park. The girl dropped to the ground wrap from ice cream, and her mother said nothing. In your stops men and women smokers and cigarette butts thrown just feet. We see this not. And we have more trash. And we were with you 500 meters and had nowhere to throw trolleybus ticket " .

- I'm just amazed how much garbage in Chernivtsi - outraged former chernivchanka Nina, who now lives in Kharkiv daughter. - Earlier somehow did not even paying attention to it. And now I just can not look calmly at this disgusting. At our flats in Kharkiv, very clean, not a single piece of paper will not see. Janitors clean start there early in the morning. When people go to work, then everything is shining clean. And for the arrival of garbage can compare watches " .

Last Sunday was walking in the park, which at the school 28. In the neighborhood Graviton is the only place to stroll. So here comes mom with children, young people, old people. The territory of the institution has prepared for the school year: pokosyly grass beds cleaned, whitewashed sidewalks. But over the weekend again zasmityly all those who rest here. Everywhere are seen wrappers, cellophane bags, disposable tableware, bottles of water, beer, even vodka ... " It's your kids here will learn, why not remove a garbage and not include it in a container " - made the remarks one company that is left behind on the grass leftovers. One of the men said indifferently: " dogs or birds reach " .

We all would like to live in a clean city. But even if prybyratymut thousands of janitors, this case not for. For the main reason - in ourselves.
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2-09-2016, 14:53

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