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profanity now be heard everywhere: on the street, in shops, public transport. It seems that obscene and vulgar words have become an integral part of our communication, and people of all ages. Play this extremely unpleasant.
in front of me on the street University is a company of young boys and girls. Apparently, students. The boys made fun talk about the weekend, pouring obscene talk, the girls laugh aloud.

make their comments. The boys rested one of them says: " Now all say so. It's just words " . Moving away from the company, I hear behind " And she went ... " and the laughter of girls.

Waiting at the bus stop 34 bus. Nearby stands a young man and smokes. A pretty lady in a long dress and bonnet makes it comments tolerant explains that you can not smoke in public places. Male head of unscrewing continues to smoke. After angrily shouted: " And you zamokny old village ... and it will cover you face! " , throwing her feet lit a cigarette and talking. " Lord, who brought this guy. I did nothing wrong he did not say " - embarrassed lady who could not hold back her tears.

Vtyskuyusya in a crowded bus. An elderly woman sits near where my mother with a baby in her arms, shouting on a mobile phone " You stupid and crazy ascended, what is patyakayesh! I ate your husband vodka. He walks to be different ... and you're tripping me. I tell you, whore, all tousle pluck shall see " . " The woman, why are you so layetesya. At your child sits " - makes her remark young mother. " Well, Transfer to another place! " - and screams and continues to call his counterpart. And all this listening to dozens of people, tired of returning home after work.

Recently, Japanese scientists have interesting scientific experiments. They pretty obmatyukaly water and it watered the seeds of wheat. Later it turned out that was up less than half sown while the seeds, pour water over which prayers were read, all rose.
Therefore, it is worth considering how we influence for themselves and others, allowing obscene and vulgar words fly out of our mouths.
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26-05-2016, 11:35

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