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At the beginning of the street Sholem Aleichem impossible to pass. Just on the sidewalk vendors porozkladaly milk bottles, jars with cream cheese in a plastic bag, poultry, eggs ... The benches are seen on a trolleybus stop pork legs, bones, pieces of fat and meat.

- nowhere even to sit down at this stop. Did this market - outraged young woman with a baby in her arms. - I am surprised people are buying something. After all, no one controls the quality and freshness of these products. For example, when it podoyily milk or diluted with water - no one knows. Village Butterflies selling it all - without sanitary clothing, gloves. So you can pick up some infection or poison. Neither I nor my family and friends had nothing to buy on the street. It is better to go to the market. There's more confidence that purchase something fresh. See what made these " styhiynyky " from the garden! Threw bushes bags, old newspapers, the remnants of food. But this kiosk made " restroom " . A stench that can not wait for the trolley. And no it does not care, neither city officials nor the police. It should finally do something with this street trade.

- A medical book and you have a permit? - Old woman turns to a man who sells pork bones and legs.

- And why do you any book? Did not see that everything is fresh. Pig killed yesterday and today in the morning developed, - says one. - Take your legs to jelly 25 UAH. The market is so cheap you can not buy. Four kilos of bones sell for 50 USD.

The woman long behold eventually pulls 50 UAH and takes a bone. " raise the refrigerator and will have the entire month " - said.

fellow-student asks a woman wrapped scarf how much polutoralitrovuyu bottle of milk.

" Do not take for these bottles to collect garbage - tells him mom with a child. - Most saw came here dirty homeless women and sold plastic bottles for 10 cents. Better pile of milk in the store " .

asks the woman who laid out on newspaper cheese and eggs, why not go to sell these products to market. And explains: " The series took Udonova best dealers. A rural people who want to sell a bottle of milk or a piece of cheese, given the farthest rows. There downtime day and did not sell. And then people go from work, take. I would like to catch the last bus to the village " .
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14-03-2016, 09:57

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