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Since the capital for peace and order those new patrol police, whose ranks were filled with young boys and girls in Kiev, a new fashion - self with the police.

In order to ensure that our police officers do not feel less popular, we decided to take a series of photos of Chernivtsi " old " the police. That's what happened.

" Photo not necessary. We are not engaged in such "

Prohulyayuchys city, often seen policeman who comes to meet you. And I am more than sure that nobody ever approached any of them to ask to take a picture memory. I decided to take a chance.

A few days vnevneno played the role of tourists from Kyiv, who urgently need help. To whom shall apply to a person who is in an unfamiliar town for her as not the policeman? Most police officers can be found in the city center. I have " worth " , in particular at the regional police department. They gave out a form, the big star on the cap and uniform.

The first I caught a policeman who came out of the store. In his hands was a loaf and a bottle of mineral water.

- Excuse me, please. I'm a tourist. In your town first. Tell me how to get to the bus station?

-Well, well - I said a tall, thin policeman who in a hurry. - It's very simple. You need to sit in a trolleybus 3. Exit at the stop " Bus " pass the road - and you're on the spot.

- Thank you for your help. Can you take a picture in memory of Chernivtsi?

- No, no, no photo necessary. We are not so engaged - and indignant somehow upset policeman said while walking away from me.

A few times I " knew " how to get to the station or to the residence of Metropolitan. In order not to repeat often asked what time to go in transport, or where the nearest hotel. It would in no hurry to Chernivtsi police, which would be bad spirit he would not - I always got the information I needed. Moreover, several times they were willing to carry me to the right place.

Late in the evening at the same regional police department, I met two young workers patrol.

- Congratulations! Tell me how I can get to the train station. I train in 15 minutes, and not afraid to get lost in time.

- Oh, you're probably not local?

- No, I'm from Kiev. Chernivtsi first time.

- Of course. Then you must hurry. Walking can be reached in 15 minutes, but this is risky. A bus ride is not so often. We can take you.

I have never expected. Their proposal could take, because it was inconvenient to occupy their time for the sake of the experiment.

- Thank you! However, I would like a little walk around the city, besides, I did not run badly. So I would be very grateful if you told me available, I quickly reached.

I said everything I wanted to know. Dali and mobile: " If accidentally LOSE - call " .

Photo from memory we still do, right from their phone, because my low.

The majority of police officers with whom I spoke later, after I asked them sfotorhafuvatysya with me in memory of the friendly people turned into serious representatives of their profession. What I just did not say in reply. " No, no, no picture should be " , " You whom I have? " , " We do not do this here " , " Sorry, I'm at work " ... and many other options. I am not well versed in the ranks, but notice: the more stars it was a policeman in uniform, the more indignant after my request to be photographed.

agreed to be photographed young district

Yet some photos do succeed. Zazavychay without hesitation agreed to be photographed young district, which can be " catch " evening in the city center, in areas near the cinemas and more. Also, rare cases of successful photography there were also representatives of senior police positions, but they immediately warned that social networks do not have their photos " shine " .

Several times through its own negligence I fell for the same people. Then, I think they suspected something. But this is not vpynulo on their attitude to me.

Indeed, in Chernivtsi police did not fotohrafuyetsya every passers-by. However, tourists in our city have nothing to fear. Although you do not every policeman sfotohrafuyetsya or will not look too friendly, but the information is in trouble and will not leave you.

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14-09-2015, 14:02

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